About Bats

Bats are the only flying mammals. This means they have peculiar ways of habitat, reproduction, and maternity. That also makes it lesser-known to people in general. The maternity season of bats in the USA is from early June to mid-August or a little later. This minor variation in bat maternity seasons is dependent on the onset of the warm climate.

Removing bats or bat exclusions during the maternity season is illegal by law in Florida, USA. There are many endangered species of bats here and are protected animals here. Bats are protected as they are important in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. Moreover, even if you decide to exclude bats without getting caught, it might pose bigger problems for you. 

About the Bat Maternity Season:

The bat colonies that most people observe after regular squeaking noises from there walls, attics, and roofs are formed only by the female bats. These are actually mother bats preparing for the maternity. The big brown bats or the Brazilian free-tail bats generally arrive into maternity between June to August.

The exclusion is banned during this period as not only does one have to deal with adult bats, there are baby bats along which makes the task even more drudgerous. Now, carrying out exclusion at such a crucial time might create a situation wherein you might trap young bats who are even unable to fly inside the walls of your home.

This will create chances for the mother bats to find some other entry points to reach their young ones. Your house might at a time be roost to nearly 40-50 bats at a time without your knowledge. Each of these bats gives birth to a pup at a time. And, if at all you seal your entire home, the baby bats will eventually die and rot giving rise to foul smells. They would practically be corpses in your walls.

Primarily, you would not want the young ones to die. Also, it is illegal as both the Federal and State law protects bats. So, you might be in a problem. Above all, you might cause some serious damage to your home which might in some cases be beyond repairs.

Best Way for Bats Exclusion in Florida:

There is a tight window that residents must be aware of if they want to safely remove bats from home and definitely not want to kill bats. In Florida, the law allows you to exclude bats before April 15th and later only after mid-August or when the pups have left their roosts.

Now bat exclusion is actually a job that involves a lot of techniques. There might be an entire colony of bats residing with you in your house and you might be estimating 3-4 bats. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you seek the help of experts. 

Seek the help of bat exclusion experts of professionals who work locally in your area. They will understand your case better with the experience of knowing about the climate and behavior of bats locally.

They might guide you on simple things like whether is it too early or late time of the year for bats removal. Also, the most effective and suitable technique can be implemented. When you decide to bat-proof your home, you might end up fumigating the bats with harsh chemicals. 

With professionals like Friends Of Bats, you have help who are qualified and doing the job for many years in hundreds of homes. They will survey your home for all the cracks and crevices and carry out bt-proofing of your homes leaving no stone unturned. They know the right and humane treatment that is to be given to bats and will solve your issues with bats permanently as most bats have a tendency to arrive every year to the same sites during the maternity season and cause re-infestation.

Say Good-Bye to Bats before it’s Late:

Bats are good animals. But, that does not mean you let them make a home in your house. There are several diseases that can be spread if you do pay timely attention to the bat problem in your Florida home.

So pay good attention to the grease marks or discoloration marks at the entry and exit points on your roof’s crevices/cracks. Carefully examine your attic or less used sections of your house. If you spot guano or there is a foul smell in certain parts of the house, there is probably a bat-roosting site there.

This is the last call before the bat maternity sets and you shall be helpless. You will have to further wait till August to address this issue. So, call Friends of Bats today for easy and complete bat removal from your homes without harming them.