Wellington Florida Bat Removal

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Friends Of Bats is a dedicated company that has been working for bat removal in Wellington. We are experts and unlike other companies that work for bat removal in Wellington, are not general animal controllers. We are exclusively working for bat removal.

Bat removal has to be a humane and careful process. Bats need to be safely maneuvered out of your space of residence and not exterminated.

Bat extermination is illegal in Wellington. We have been providing expert bat removal services here for the past 12 years. Our team has removed many colonies of bats specific to the neighborhoods in Wellington Florida in Palm Beach County.

Bats are protected under the Florida Wildlife & Fish Commission. According to this, it is against the law to carry out bat exclusion during their maternity season. The official maternity season runs from April 16th to Aug 14th. So, if you are suspicious that there are bats in my attic, you must definitely call for professional bat removal experts from Friends Of Bats.

Best Time For Bat Removal In Wellington

As bat removal experts in Wellington, our company has proper judgment to tackle bat problems in spring as well as bat problems in winter. Outside of the bat maternity season, we help you bat-proof your home such that infestations of bats don’t show up in your home during the next maternity season.

Our process is very systematic and after you avail of the services, you can quit worrying about bats roosting in your home.

Here is a list of services we provide in Wellington Florida concerning bats:

  • Free home inspection where we look for bats residing in your Wellington Florida home.
  • Free home inspection where we look for bat entry points that leads to complete bat-proofing.
  • Bat-proofing your attics, home, house, townhome, townhouse, condominium, property in Wellington, Florida.
  • Safe and humane Wellington Florida Bat Removal at a firm quote with guaranteed work.

Why Should You Hire Experts From Friends Of Bats?

Bats are considered rodents. But, they are not. Neither are they ever seen swarming around a human corpse. The notion surrounding how scary and neck-nibbling, vampire-turning, bats are, needs to be broken. In fact, bats are a very important part of our ecosystem.

The question that now arises is that if at all they are so beneficial why do we need to carry out bat removal?

Bats deposit guano and urine in places where they infest. The ammonia smell can get intolerable. Like any other mammals, they are susceptible to carry diseases like rabies. Bats reside in crevices and very small enterings in your home. This can cause structural damage over a period of time.

Bats give birth to only one pup in a year. Therefore, it is important to carefully remove them outside of the maternity season. Ideally, it is urban development that has rid these creatures of their natural habitat in caves and dense trees. They might otherwise be endangered if not protected well. In the end, they are just other living creatures trying to live a life.

Generally, home owners think they have to call their local pest control service. Most pest control business says they know how to remove bats. However, they do not specialize in bat removal. When looking to remove bats from your Wellington home, we suggest hiring an expert such as Friends of Bats.

We only remove bats in your home, attic or property, and not bat extermination. This means we know the latest techniques and the species of bat that could be creating an infestation in your home. We are the local leaders in Wellington Florida bat removal and will provide you a reasonable quote and guaranteed work. Friends of Bats is a fully insured company to handle property managers of large scale communities as well as individual homeowners. Call us today at 888 758-2287.

Bat Removal Services In Wellington Florida

Bats are potential transmitters of diseases like Rabies, Ebola, and Marburg. You do not want them to reside anywhere in your house or residential space. Especially if you live in a house with your children.

Bat removal should be done by experts who know a thing or 2 about bats and their behavior. Bat removal isn’t simple enough that any pest control services know how to deal with. We have fixed the errors of numerous different organizations who’ve endeavored bat exclusion in Wellington.

The bats merit a little credit as well. They can discover a hole on a home by using their sonar hearing ability to find drafts originating from uncovered gaps as little as 1/2 inch in size! This is why it is so imperative to hire a bat removal expert such as Friends of Bats, we know all the typical places where 1/2 inch entry points are in a house or condo. We address the issue by properly cleaning and sealing it.