Sarasota Bat Removal Without Extermination


Bat proofing is a serious business. Friends Of Bats is efficiently working for the removal and control of bats from homes in Sarasota, Florida. The key is to realize that there is a bat colony residing in your space or area. Only when you get to the root of the problem, you can seek help by calling bat control services.

So, the real question that now arises is how to identify whether it is bats or some other miscreants that are causing damage to your home. This is crucial as you need to select whether to call animal control, animal removal services, pesticide control or specific bats removal experts to clear your house.

Bats often penetrate inside your homes. So if they are flying inside your house in the middle of the night, the problem is visible. But, in the case where they are secretly dwelling in the crevices and hidden places, the main challenge is figuring out. Bats in your attic can be known by bat droppings that are usually found in and around that place. Bat guano is black specs of poop that is found on the ground.

Friends Of Bats To Your Rescue

Bats have some really weird tendencies like getting back to their previous roosting space even after they are completely removed once. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that your home is bat-proofed even for the future.

Most bat removal companies adopt the trap and remove methodology. But, that is not enough for your Sarasota home. Besides clearing the guano and other mess created by bats, Friends Of Bats professionals look for the structural damage in detail.

We are working tirelessly for many years solely for bats removal. We have thorough knowledge about bats’ habitat and behaviour. Moreover, with years of experience, our procedures are in line with the laws that are made concerning bats protection. We do not exterminate bats. The maternity season of bats falls between April 16th to Aug 16th. It is unlawful to carry out any activities of removal of bats in Florida homes. We ensure that all the bat-proofing steps are done outside this window.

Indications That There Is A Bat/ Bats Colony In Your Vicinity

Spotting some tell-tale signs can distinctly help you figure out the presence of bats in your home and surroundings:

  • Bat droppings or guano is found littered in your attic or possible places or bat entry and exit points.
  • You can often hear high pitched squeaking sounds. You might often confuse them with sounds of other birds, rats or insects.
  • Scratching and scurring in your walls is one sign that you should not ignore. There might even be sounds of fluttering. It is a recurrent thing that you will observe if there are bats living in your walls.
  • You will observe bats flying in and out of your roofs or attics. This is generally around sunset or dawn that you will make this observation.
  • You will smell a strange and pungent odour. More so like ammonia. This is a clear sign that there are bats dwelling.
  • You will observe black and brown stains around holes of your structure. Bats have a greasy layer on their coats. This makes the ugly stains when they leave or enter through congested holes.

If you observe any of these signs around your house in Sarasota or in your attic, without any worries you must straightway contact Friends Of Bats for help. With impeccable experience over the years, they can provide you with the needed support and solutions.

Here is a case study of what happened when FOB was approached by a Condo complex in Sarasota.

Proofing happens in Condominium in Florida neighborhoods.

These pics are from a Condominium complex in Sarasota where bats were removed and no bat extermination took place. The residents here enjoy waterfront living but so do the bats. Sarasota Bat Removal is necessary to be conducted in this town for condominiums that experience bats in their attic and bats under their roof.

Unfortunately for the bats, the homeowners don’t enjoy the guano the bats are leaving on cars, walkways, balconies, and carports or the smell. We successfully excluded and bat-proofed these buildings over a decade ago with periodic remedial repairs as the roofs aged and suffered storm damage. More recently the mansard roofs where replaced removing all our bat proofing and the bats moved back in.

The bats are using gaps in the mansard roof tiles all around the building. The gaps are small enough to fit your fingers in but big enough for a colony of Florida bats to get under your roof and have their maternity season in your Sarasota Condo. The attic space is dark and humid where Florida bats go to feel safe however they leave bat guano and urination that builds up an Ammonia odor that can become quite unhealthy for the residence of the Sarasota Condo or Sarasota neighborhood. See some of our Sarasota Bat Removal pics from this outing by going to this Facebook photo set!

Why Shouldn’t You Exterminate Bats?

The first thing that should be kept in mind is that bats are protected by law in the State of Florida and Federal Environmental law. Bats are an absolute necessity in the ecosystem. They feed largely on mosquitos, beetles, and moths keeping them under control. Moreover bats only give birth to one pup in a year. This makes it important to protect them as a species or they would be extinct.

Absolute Nos’ When Bat Removal Is Carried Out

  • Never opt for Pest control or animal control services
  • Make sure there is a proper live exclusion.
  • There shouldn’t be any use of poisonous agents or fumigants that can kill bats
  • Please note that bat exclusion is not done during the maternity season.
  • Make sure there is no entry point left unsealed that is larger than 1/4th inch.

Finally, you must call for a licensed and insured company like Friends Of Bats. Give your beautiful house in the hands of someone who would solve the problem with efficiency and also prevent future infestation.