Palm Beach Gardens Bat Removal



Bats are fascinating mammals with impressive flying abilities. But, you need a Bat removal expert to remove them from your home or townhouse in Palm Beach Gardens. No doubt that they look incredible but they are in constant war with the property holders.

While they are quite impressive, their tendency to intrude in the personal living space of humans is quite annoying. Especially on the east coast of Florida such as Palm Beach Gardens. The place where they roost becomes smelly and unhygienic.

They make roost in the attic or anywhere where they find a place in commercial buildings or independent houses. Furthermore, they cause structural damage and health threats for humans in the place. Thus it becomes necessary that bats extermination is carried out.

Typically, they settle in dark areas like an attic, sheds, and crawl spaces. In such a situation, the only solution is to seek help from bat removal services such as Friends Of Bats. We are professionals and know about the hows of bat removal in our area.

Bat Removal Expert v/s Pest Control: Which one to choose?

People often get confused among bat removal experts and pest control companies. While they both have the same task, there is much to distinguish. The removal of mammals and animals from the property, that too humanly requires skill and expertise. Pest control services might make use of harmful toxins to get rid of bats.

Bats are protected by the Florida Wildlife & Fish Conservation Commission. That is why you must ensure that whosoever is hired for the exclusion should not kill or harm them in the process. It would be against the law.

Many companies promise to deliver satisfactory services but only a Bat Removal Expert such as Friend of Bats can handle the job well.

  • The pest control companies and Palm Beach Gardens bat removal experts have different methods to follow for the removal of Florida bats.
  • Skills among both the companies also vary because an expert will bring more comprehensive knowledge on how to handle the bats, without killing or hurting them. The pest control people will not be as specialized for the task as much as it is required.
  • As far as the cost is concerned, the Palm Beach Gardens bat removal experts may appear to charge more but at the same time, they do all the work thoroughly. They ensure that the customer is fully satisfied. On the other hand, the cost of pest control companies may be less or more but they are not as adept in service providing as their counterpart.
  • Next is the warranty, a pest control company might not give you the warranty for their services but a professional would surely give you that peace of mind. They most certainly shall be offering a warranty. This way, in a certain period, if you ever come across the bat problem again then you can contact the Palm Beach Gardens bat removal expert and get the work done.

The professionals are well versed in how to handle bats and locate all the areas where they can be possibly hiding. Therefore, hiring a professional is always a good idea than any pest control company.

Why opt for Friends Of Bats Services?

friends-of-batsWe don’t challenge the expertise of pest control companies but there are some tasks that require specific domain-oriented help. This is one of those tasks. They understand how to discover the roosting place where the bats can possibly be, and for how long they have been taking rescue in the property.

Moreover, other than providing you the Palm Beach Gardens bat removal services, the experts will also help you in determining all the damages that bats have caused to the property. They might also help you in fixing them. This varies from company to company. But, most contractors lending services in the market are willing to help you in every way possible.

It often occurs that some of the damages remain unnoticed. But in the later stage, such damages can cause a lot of trouble in your house. Our experts from FriendsOfBats will help you in addressing all those damages.

We are ready to spend days in thorough clean-up of the house, remove the droppings, work on the oil and urine stains. When we leave the house, you can rest assured that the job is well done.

Why Can’t I Exterminate Bats in My Palm Beach Gardens Florida Home?

Well, this is something that must have surely crossed your mind. The problem of bats is quite common in Florida. Most of the households struggle to get rid of them. While they pose no apparent threat, their presence in the house may cause serious health troubles for some and significantly damage the house.

Bats can get inside in a building from gaps and cracks of ¼” to ½” diameter or larger. Some of the areas from where they gain entry are:

  • Unscreened Attic Vent
  • Holes or cracks under the rotted eave
  • Chimneys
  • Open cellar hatches
  • Loosely fitted screen or rotted window
  • Openings where pipes and wiring are installed
  • Loose or warped siding


These all are the places where bats can easily get inside the house. It seems like there is so much to do to keep them away. Their urine and oil can be harmful to the house and odor are intolerable to bear. This can put your health in jeopardy.

Exterminating bats are not allowed in Florida. You cannot kill bats as per the law enforced by the Florida Wildlife & Fish Conservation Commission. They have laws to secure these creatures so you can forget about poisoning bats.

Palm Beach Gardens Bats have a habit to struggle to get back to their old roost. It is not easy to remove them, especially if you are trying without any help from Palm Beach Gardens bat removal professionals.

What are the reasons for Palm Beach Gardens’ bats returning in the house?

Well, to begin with, there could be multiple openings in the house that you haven’t detected yet. You might just block one way but bats can find other spots to get inside the house.

These creatures don’t leave the roost very easily. Even if you release them many miles away, they will still somehow make their way back to the old roost. So, permanent removal is only possible if you either contact the professionals or restrict the passage permanently to enter.

  • First of all, send a search party in the find the location of the bats. This can be done during dusk time. This is the time when bats leave the roost to feed in Palm Beach Gardens. If there is a colony of bats, you will be able to see them easily. They all leave at one time. So, noticing a number of bats leaving your house at one time will be easy. However, if there are a few, then finding the exact location can be a little tricky.
  • You need to identify all the entrance areas so that an appropriate solution can be done. Don’t just look for the entrance that bats are currently using but also the others that may invite them when you are busy working on the other entrances in the house. Seal all of them permanently using cement, sheet metal, lath, hardware, etc. which should only be done by a Palm Beach Gardens Bat Removal Expert.

Different kinds of house openings can be the main reasons why you come across bat problems so frequently in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Your prime focus should be on finding experts that can help you get rid of the bats permanently. They will carefully examine your house and seal for the bats in the future.

So, the next time you think of how to get rid of bats from your property, you know to contact Friends Of Bats!