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Bat Removal From Orlando Resort

In Orlando there are many resorts, especially up and down International Drive that could be home to a bat infestation.  These resorts are like beautiful condominiums with more amenities but still with the same roof problems such as unwanted pests like bats.  Bat removal can be a very dangerous profession at such high heights.  It is important that the bat removal expert be experienced in high rise buildings and structures with knowledge of how to seal the broken roof tiles to prevent entry as well as spot dark spots under roofs that is guano or bat droppings.

Quality Bat Control not Generic Pest Control

If the property mangers do not hire a competent bat removal expert and instead hire a standard pest control service they could be risking a bat infestation and also damage to their property!  Not only is safety a concern but so is quality control (not to be confused with pest control) of not damaging the roof structure.  Friends of Bats has spent the last 10 years focusing on fixing homes and property management type locations without causing more damage to roofs while evicting bats from their old homes.  Bats cannot be a part of an extermination in Orlando Florida so we use safe and humane tactics to “evict” bats from your property.  Friends of Bats is fully licensed and insured to handle jobs of all sizes, even major resort chains.

Resort Repair to Safely Remove Bats From Roof

Bat entry happens through tiny places! Even cracked spanish tiles from Orlando Resorts!

Our team of licensed and insured bat removal experts know how important safety is.

It is risky to get remove bats from high rise condominiums in Orlando but we aren’t afraid!

Sealing bat entry to the dark places of your home or resort in Orlando Florida needs to be handle by a bat removal expert such as Friends of Bats.


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