About Bats


Bats are beautiful creatures. While many people might disagree and are extremely scared of these mammals, they are practically harmless. That being said, it is certainly not hygienic to allow them to penetrate in your residence or other living spaces.

In a place like Port St. Lucie where sighting bats is not a surprise, it is obvious that you must have encountered bats problems at some point in your home. They are very skillful in building roosts in by entering through small openings and crevices of your roofs.

Friends Of Bats is working for many years and carrying out the successful exclusion of Bats and saving homes from damage. Recently, one of our clients in Port St. Lucie, Florida sought our help in order to fix the bats problem in their roof. To our surprise, the bats had severely battered the roof and terribly damaged the metal inside. It was just in time that they thought about addressing the issue as the consequences of ignoring could have been unprecedented.

There have been incidents where people had an entire family of bats living in their walls. Yes, however surprising that might be, it is a very frequent occurrence. But what’s more shocking is that they can terribly damage METALs.

Bats urine contains a very high concentration of uric acid. This is enough to cause corrosion of metal. So, not only do they damage the inside and outside of the roof, but they even corrode metal structure and it is subjected to damage with prolonged presence of bats.

Besides these, it can tarnish polished and shiny surfaces and cause permanent stains. It might be unbelievable but they are capable of making stones like marble and alabaster porous. Bat droppings have horrible smell due to ammonia which can also pose a big problem in your enclosed spaces like attics or storehouses.

The Damage:

Bats are an important part of our ecosystem. They play a great role in keeping the bug population around the world under control. We may like it or not it is inhuman and illegal to kill bats at all or even move them from their roosting site in certain months.

So, then what is the solution to this menace causing in your home? You definitely cannot live with the damage and odour. Not only are the electrolytes in bat urine harmful for metals, but their guano contains a high proportion of ammonia, phosphate, chlorides, etc. Together they result in the salt formation and react with your metallic structures which can cause a severe problem for you in the future.


The damage is similar in other masonry works and the metal inside of your brick and mortar structure isn’t safe as well. Ideally, bats are accustomed to living in dark places and have a native habitat in caves, tree crevices, holes, etc. Due to their natural habitat being under ruins, and the humans expanding their living areas, they have moved into cities.



Bats can wear off the coating of metal roof tiles on a condo or any structure for that matter. Friends Of Bats encountered this situation when one of the residents sought our help in Port St. Lucie.

We observed that there were many unique spots of rub and wear on the exterior of the condo which was a clear sign of bats infestation there. While we were at it, we realized that the severe damage could have been prevented had it been addressed based on the very evident signs.

So, enlisted here are some very obvious signs that depict the presence of bats and you must definitely contact experts in bats exclusion to help you out.

  • Bat droppings – Guano usually looks like mouse droppings but lacks moisture and on regular observation can be sighted at entry and exit points of bats.
  • Squeaking and screeching sound from walls or attics. Bats can be noisy.
  • The strange smell of ammonia is prevalent around their roosting site.
  • Black and brown strange spots near holes or tiny crevices that are as small as a quarter of an inch.

So, next time you observe any one of these in your Port St. Lucie, Florida home, contact “Friends Of Bats” cause we have the best team of experts and tools at your disposal for easy and hassle-free bats-exclusion.