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We are Florida’s Leading Safe & Humane Bat Removal Experts

Did you know it is illegal to exterminate bats in the state of Florida?  Bats are protected wildlife and require eviction from your property.  Unfortunately removing bats is a little like herding cats.  If you don’t hire a company who knows the specialized techniques necessary to safely and humanely remove the wildlife then you may be jeopardizing your structures or even risk harming the bats.  We are called “Friends of Bats,” for the very reason that we know them so well and we know how to respectfully remove them from your home or commercial property without much force and damage.  Our area of service is from Tampa/St. Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We Specialize In:

  • Bat Proofing and Removal
  • Safe and humane methods to insure that the bats are not harmed during the course of our service
  • Residential, commercial and high-rise buildings

Why Choose Us?

  • BBB accredited business
  • Members of the Florida Bat Conservancy and Bat Conservation international

We carry both general liability and workers comp insurance


Asking for help

Generally speaking, one cannot single-handedly deal with bats in your Florida home. It is during these times when you should get in touch with a bat removal expert such as us, (Friendsofbats.com) who will help you get rid of bats without harming you, your house or the bats.  Always remember, bats make great neighbors but are terrible house guests.


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