Easy & Safe Bat Removal in Naples

Easy & Safe Bat Removal in Naples

Bats are considered as nuisance wildlife as they can create havoc in your home if it becomes their roosting side. However, that is not completely true. Bat removal is a tricky business and should be best left to the professionals to handle since it involves various health risks. So, if you live in Naples, Florida, and have spotted a bat in the attic or in and about your home, then you should contact us at Friends of Bats for bat exclusion services.

Why Should I Contact Bat Removal Company near me?

Bats are incredibly important to the ecosystem and are therefore protected by law in the state of Florida. However, there is no good reason why bats should be allowed to nest in your house. Most people are scared by the sight of bats, often take the matter in their hands, and end up fumigating or hurting them. This is an illegal step and you are violating the Florida wildlife protection law.

Bat exclusion is tricky and even the most experienced may not be able to guarantee you of solving the bat problem. You need the help of experts in your locality that specialize solely for bat removal. Most pest control companies carry out rat removal, snake removal, squirrel removal, armadillo removal, etc. animal control services along with bat removal. The problem with these is that they use the same equipment and techniques for any animal. Whereas Friends Of Bats is dedicated to serving you only for bats exclusion and we know about the nuances involved in this job. We are qualified, licensed, and insured.

Problems with Bats:

Bats are actually smart mammals. The problems associated with their presence in the house are plenty. There is absolutely no way that you can drive one bat out of your house and stay aloof and ensured that there may not be a present or near-future bat infestation in your home.

  • Some bat species have a life span of nearly 30 years and they have a tendency to keep revisiting locations/places that have once been their roosts. So, if you do not consider getting bat-proofing done by professionals for your home, you might end up in a bigger problem.
  • Another reason why you should get rid of bats is the health risks associated with them. Primarily, these pests are carriers of diseases that lead to respiratory ailments. Histoplasmosis, a disease that attacks the lungs and weakens them can be caused due to bats. They also carry rabies virus in some cases and lead to some other viral, fungal, and skin infections.
  • Bat droppings have a deteriorating effect on metals, paints, fabrics, and other structural components of your home weakening its sturdiness to the core. They scratch, bite, and destroy walls from within in their roosting areas.
  • The pellet-shaped guano and their urine has horribly foul smell due to ammonia and can destroy the entire area surrounding their roosting site. It is necessary that you let the experts use their equipment for guano cleanup as using your household vacuum cleaner can be a permanent health hazard for you and your family.
  • Bats have a habit of living in crawlspaces like attics, basements, dry pipes, roofs, soffit, ducts, walls, etc. Any place dark secluded and devoid of human presence for long with an opening of as small as 1/4th of an inch a potential entrance/exit can be a bat roosting space.
  • Bats are mammals and give birth to a pup each year. Throughout their maternity, they fly in and out of your house as they make it their home and since they use the sonar system to navigate, they can end up in your living rooms or bedrooms living you scared. Bats always live in colonies. So, if there is one bat spotted, there are probably many more living in your house without your knowledge.


Easy & Safe Bat Removal in Naples

How Do I Prevent Bats from Entering my Home?

There are certainly some precautionary steps that can be taken to prevent bats to make a place for them in your homes. The sooner you address the problems of bats in your house, the less will be the damages and the expenses to repair them.

The most important thing to do is carry out frequent inspections by yourself and try to identify if there are any openings for bats. If you suspect their presence due to brown/black greasy spots or by their droppings, immediately seek professional help.

It is important that you be extra alert at certain times of the year around the onset of maternity season that is in April. Also, chances are that you might see bats flying in and out of your house just before dark i.e. sunset.

Ask the professionals to carry out bat proofing services on a regular basis that includes inspecting your house for potential bat spaces and sealing the gaps through nets and other ways permanently. Take care that once bat removal is carried out, the area is disinfected, deodorized, and completely sealed.

Ensure that you do not end up trapping bats before sealing as there will be dead bat corpses in your home which will eventually lead to a bigger problem.

So, if you are looking for “bat removal services near me”, Contact Friends Of Bats Today!

We are here to offer full services in Naples, Fl. like bat removal, Bats inspection & exclusion, Bat-proofing, Guano clean-up, and restoration of your attic and homes. We cater to clients for bats removal in residential as well as commercial spaces.

For these federally protected animals, we carry out humane bat removal and relocate them into the wild.