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Bat chirping and Bat droppings found on Condo roof in Naples Florida!


Sometimes property managers mistake the dark spots on roofs to mold or dirt.  There is a good chance that speckled dirt could be bat droppings!  Additionally the chirping noise heard on the roof are not small birds but rather bats hiding in the roof crawl space.  Bats need to be removed from your condominium safely and humanly! This is Florida’s law.  Let us come into your home or property to help you safely remove your bats.  We are friends of bats but you don’t have to be.  So let us come in and show them the door to a quick eviction!

Bats In The Attic – Palm Beach County

Recently we had the opportunity to service a residential home which had bats in the attic in Royal Palm Beach.

You can see in various places the evidence of the damage bats can do to your roof crawlspace in Royal Palm Beach.

You don’t want a bat infestation to grow like this in your home! These bats in the attic have got to go. Contact today and get your bat removal in motion!

The roof can hide a hole where bats enter into an attic. Use to help you do a bat removal from your home.

Sometimes bats get in the rafters of your home. Flying bats can be a nuisance to your florida home.

When shining a light on bats you can see how they need to be safely removed. Bats like dark crawl spaces but you can remove them from your palm beach home.

Bats leave a residue of guano that shows where they may live. In this case you can see the bat droppings clearly in the attic space in West Palm Beach house.

Bats can effect the integrity of your wires in your home whether in the wall or attic, bats must be removed from your home in Royal Palm.

Homes in Wellington Florida that have attic crawl spaces are possible locations for bat colonies to live. Bat removal is done by Friends Of Bats.

Dark spaces are prime for bats to build their colony in Palm Beach County.

The insulation in your home makes for an inviting place for bats to live.

Above the ceiling and below your roof, bats like to build their home. Bats must be removed safe and humanely.

Bats like to find quiet dark places to build their homes. Many times you can find these bats in your attic. We were able to take some pictures of where an infestation of bats where found in Royal Palm Beach. The bats were safely and humanely removed from Palm Beach County Florida. Bats cannot be exterminated, they must be evicted and allowed to find a new place to live.

Florida Laws

In Florida, all species of bats are protected from being harmed. This is primarily because of their great importance to the balance of our ecosystem and their unmatched contribution to managing the mosquito population. This legislation applies year round.

However, because bats can also pose some potentially serious health risk to people when they take up residence in buildings, expert companies such as Friends Of Bats are permitted to perform humane exclusions during much of the year. The methodologies employed ensure that the animals leave the premises safely and our guarantee ensures that they can’t return.