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Why Can’t I Exterminate Bats in My Florida Home?

The problem of bats is quite common in Florida. Most of the households struggle to get rid of them. While they pose no threat to the human, their presence in the house may cause health troubles for some and will also damage the house but it is important to note one cannot exterminate bats in their Florida home.

Removing them is crucial, however, you cannot kill them as per the law enforced by Fish & Wildlife Conservation of Florida. They have laws to secure wildlife such as bat cannot be harmed by poisoning bats, fumigating bats, exterminating bats or any other inhuman way to remove them from your house or Florida roof.   Additionally, Bats are protected from being removed from your Florida property during maternity season.  Bats must have time to give birth and take care of their young  in accordance with Florida Administrative Code rule 68A-4.001 General Prohibitions.  Maternity season for bats is from April 15 to August 15 each year.

Tom Palmer of The Ledger, goes into more detail of why exterminating bats from your Florida home is not humane or legal.

Bats can get inside your Sarasota Florida or Wellington Florida or Orlando Florida or Naples Florida home from gaps and cracks of ¼” to ½” diameter or larger. Some of the areas from where they gain entry are:

  • Unscreened Attic Vent
  • Hole or crack under the rotted eave
  • Chimney
  • cracked or loosened roof tiles
  • Loosely fitted screen or rotted window
  • Openings where pipes and wiring are installed
  • Loose or warped siding

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Bat entry happens through tiny places! Even cracked sSpanish tiles from Orlando Resorts!

These all are the places from where bats can easily get inside the house. It seems like there is so much to do to keep them away. While their presence does not put human life at high risk  they can be deteriorating to your health and your house. Their urine and oil can be harmful to the house and odor are intolerable to bear. This can put your health in jeopardy, but even so, you cannot exterminate bats.

Bats have a habit to struggle to get back to their old roost. It is not easy to remove them, especially if you are trying without any help from professionals.  That is why you should call Friends of Bats as we specialize in bat removal near you. (888) 758-2287 because you cannot exterminate bats!

What are the reasons for bats returning in the house? Well, to begin with, there could be multiple openings in the house that you haven’t detected yet. You might just block one way but bats can find other spots to get inside the house.

These creatures don’t leave the roost very easily. Even if you release them many miles away, they will still somehow make their way back to the old roost. So, permanent removal is only possible if you restrict their way permanently to come inside.

  • First of all, send a professional bat removal expert to find the location of the bats. This can be done during dusk time. This is the time when bats leave the roost to feed. If there is a colony of bats, you will be able to see them easily. They all leave at one time. So, noticing a number of bats leaving your house at one time will be easy. However, if there is a few like one or two then finding the exact location can be a little tricky.
  • You need to identify all the entrance areas so that appropriate solution can be done. Don’t just look for the entrance that bats are currently using but also the others that may invite them when you are busy working on the other entrances in the house. Seal all of them permanently using cement, sheet metal, lath, hardware, etc.
  • You can also install one-way exit door so that bats can only exit and not come back inside again. This is quite a successful method that helps in bat removal and once they are all gone, you can simply focus on sealing all the entrances so that they can never come back.

Different kind of house openings can be the main reasons for why you come across bat problem so frequently in Florida. Your prime focus should be on contacting experts that can help you get rid of the bats permanently as you cannot exterminate bats. They will also carefully examine your house and seal all the openings that could become an entrance for the bats in the future.

How can I remove bats out of my house or property?

Did you know bats are illegal to exterminate in the state of Florida? Bats live in dark areas where there is access to moisture.  Building structures with overhang roofs in tropical areas are prime for bat habitation.  But bats cannot be killed from these residential or commercial properties so they must be removed safely.  But what happens if you have find a bat between April 15 and August 15? Sure you may want to call up a bat removal expert but these specialists will tell you that because of bat maternity the bats cannot be removed until August 16.  Well, what do you do until then? By contacting Friends of Bats we can instruct you on next steps to help you a bat infestation on your property.

How do you know they are bats and not birds or rodents?  Well if you smell ammonia and hear high pitch type noises, then you most likely have an infestation of bats on your property.


Physical Damages from Bat Infestations

The primary cause for requesting an exclusion is because of staining on buildings, the build-up of significant guano deposits (droppings) and the odor emanating from such deposits, as well as from the urine and the bats themselves.

Florida Laws

In Florida, all species of bats are protected from being harmed. This is primarily because of their great importance to the balance of our ecosystem and their unmatched contribution to managing the mosquito population. This legislation applies year round.

However, because bats can also pose some potentially serious health risk to people when they take up residence in buildings, expert companies such as Friends Of Bats are permitted to perform humane exclusions during much of the year. The methodologies employed ensure that the animals leave the premises safely and our guarantee ensures that they can’t return.