Bat Removal experts in Bradenton Florida

Florida is a house of more than 13 species of Bats. In Florida state, Bats are protected and treasured as a part of society. Thus, making sure that they are an outlier to your house is difficult. That’s where you can seek professional help from “Friends Of Bats”.

Bats: Your Friends Or Foes


Most of us might be unaware but bats play a key role in ecosystems all around the world. Surprisingly, they are present from rainforests to deserts. They play an active role in curbing the spread of disease. Moreover, they scatter seeds and boost pollination.

Most people are scared of bats. It is notable that all the bats in Bradenton Florida are insectivorous. So, in a way, they are having a positive impact and hence protected. Bats eat mosquitos, ants, beetles, flies, wasps, etc. which is a great way to be protected from them. So then why should you get rid of them?

Bats in Florida can roost almost anywhere. You can locate a bat colony being formed in and around your surroundings simply by keeping a watch of regular bats movements along with guano spottings. The issue with bats is that they can cause damage to the structures due to prolonged dwelling. Bat poop or Guano can be spotted everywhere they reside. The ammonia smell is unbearable in their place of habitat. Some people can develop allergies due to this environment.

Friends Of Bats – Your Rescuers


Friends Of Bats have expertise in bats extermination from your surroundings. We make it “Bats-free!” without causing harm to bats. Well, obviously, because we are their friends. It is unlawful to practice pesticide control for bats removal.

It is advisable to always seek the help of professional bat removal services and not general pest exterminators or pest control service providers. They may not know the proper methods to deal with bats. Florida bats can find a way into your Bradenton home or property through 1/4th-inch tiny crevices or holes in your roof tiles, loose caulk points and in chimneys.

In one of our customer’s homes, Bats were using gaps under the wrap tiles and leaving unsightly staining and droppings on the side of this house in Bradenton Florida Bat Removal. We bat proofed un-infested areas of the roof before doing the exclusion to get the bats out. It is important that you get your home checked for bat entry points. These small steps are paid maximum attention. This is what makes us stand out with our services.

The Bats maternity season is officially between April 15th to August 15th. Bat exclusion is prohibited by Federal law during the maternity season. We safely and humanely REMOVE the bats from your home outside of bat maternity season. We do not exterminate bats. We evict bats.

How Do We Care For The Bats?


Bats are the only mammals that fly. Bats generally give birth to 2-3 pups (Bat babies) in a year. Bat problems in springs and winter in Bradenton can be looked after. So, if you seal or close bat enterings during summer months, you might trap bats in your attic. We are fully insured and know how to treat your house with care. Our 12 years of experience in the field has helped us tackle many outlandish situations.

We at Friends OF Bats, make sure to caulk any openings that are larger than 1/4th inch. Your electrical and plumbing holes are filled by using stainless steel wool that blocks the entry of bats. Bats tend to find homes that have deserted sections like storage rooms or attics. Therefore, it is advisable to make use of window screens, draft guards beneath doors that close the gaps, and chimney caps. We ensure to seal every door, window, or entry point for bats along with maintaining the aesthetic and structural strength of your home.

Here is our step-by-step approach to keeping bats at bay from your home:

Step 1: Look for entry points

Step 2: Bat-proofing all the openings.

Step 3: Installation of exclusion devices for bats.

Step 4: Fix a sufficient time frame for bats to leave.

Step 5: Employing a permanent sealing method.

Step 6: Cleaning up the mess.


So, the next time you are in a situation where you have the question, “There are bats in my house, What do I do now?”, feel free to call Friends Of Bats in Bradenton, Florida.