Real Estate Property Bat Exclusion

  See Dan talk about safe bat removal on the Treasure Coast of Florida in the video below! We had the opportunity to work with’s very own Sam Lichtenstsin to provide more information on how important it is to safely remove bats from real estate properties.  No realtor or home owner wants to market Read More

Physical Damages from Bat Infestations

The primary cause for requesting an exclusion is because of staining on buildings, the build-up of significant guano deposits (droppings) and the odor emanating from such deposits, as well as from the urine and the bats themselves.

Florida Laws

In Florida, all species of bats are protected from being harmed. This is primarily because of their great importance to the balance of our ecosystem and their unmatched contribution to managing the mosquito population. This legislation applies year round.

However, because bats can also pose some potentially serious health risk to people when they take up residence in buildings, expert companies such as Friends Of Bats are permitted to perform humane exclusions during much of the year. The methodologies employed ensure that the animals leave the premises safely and our guarantee ensures that they can’t return.