Why Bats Are Protected During The Maternity Season?

Bats are the only flying mammals. This means they have peculiar ways of habitat, reproduction, and maternity. That also makes it lesser-known to people in general. The maternity season of bats in the USA is from early June to mid-August or a little later. This minor variation in bat maternity seasons is dependent on the Read More

Is There a Link Between Coronavirus Covid-19 and Bats? - An Insight

Is There a Link Between Coronavirus Covid-19 and Bats? – An Insight

The global pandemic “Coronavirus” COVID-19 is caused by the virus named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by the WHO (World Health Organization). By now, we are all very much familiar with the Coronavirus outbreak and its severity. According to reports, the first case of coronavirus was recorded somewhere in December 2019 in Wuhan, Read More

Did You Know What Kind of Metal Damage Caused by Bats in Port St Lucie

Bats are beautiful creatures. While many people might disagree and are extremely scared of these mammals, they are practically harmless. That being said, it is certainly not hygienic to allow them to penetrate in your residence or other living spaces. In a place like Port St. Lucie where sighting bats is not a surprise, it Read More


Why Can’t I Exterminate Bats in My Florida Home?

The problem of bats is quite common in Florida. Most of the households struggle to get rid of them. While they pose no threat to the human, their presence in the house may cause health troubles for some and will also damage the house but it is important to note one cannot exterminate bats in Read More


Dan Bozone from Friends of Bats (a Bat Specific Pest Control Service) provides insight on a home in Wellington Florida where bats can enter through the roof. During maternity season for bats, a pest control service is not allowed to do a bat removal. Bats are protected under Florida Law and cannot be removed, however Read More


Friends of Bats hosts All About Bats Night Walk at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary partnered with bat removal and awareness expert Friends of Bats to bring a night walk focusing on bat education and s’mores on March 16, 2018. The event “All About Bats“ night walk, was a first of its kind at Busch Wildlife. Dan Bozone from Friends of Bats brought a bat echo locator Read More


Orlando Resort: Bat entry through roof tiles

Bat Removal From Orlando Resort In Orlando there are many resorts, especially up and down International Drive that could be home to a bat infestation.  These resorts are like beautiful condominiums with more amenities but still with the same roof problems such as unwanted pests like bats.  Bat removal can be a very dangerous profession Read More


Bat chirping and Bat droppings found on Condo roof in Naples Florida!

  Sometimes property managers mistake the dark spots on roofs to mold or dirt.  There is a good chance that speckled dirt could be bat droppings!  Additionally the chirping noise heard on the roof are not small birds but rather bats hiding in the roof crawl space.  Bats need to be removed from your condominium Read More

Bats In The Attic – Palm Beach County

Recently we had the opportunity to service a residential home which had bats in the attic in Royal Palm Beach.

How can I remove bats out of my house or property?

Did you know bats are illegal to exterminate in the state of Florida? Bats live in dark areas where there is access to moisture.  Building structures with overhang roofs in tropical areas are prime for bat habitation.  But bats cannot be killed from these residential or commercial properties so they must be removed safely.  But Read More

Florida Laws

In Florida, all species of bats are protected from being harmed. This is primarily because of their great importance to the balance of our ecosystem and their unmatched contribution to managing the mosquito population. This legislation applies year round.

However, because bats can also pose some potentially serious health risk to people when they take up residence in buildings, expert companies such as Friends Of Bats are permitted to perform humane exclusions during much of the year. The methodologies employed ensure that the animals leave the premises safely and our guarantee ensures that they can’t return.