About Bats

Dan Bozone from Friends of Bats (a Bat Specific Pest Control Service) provides insight on a home in Wellington Florida where bats can enter through the roof. During maternity season for bats, a pest control service is not allowed to do a bat removal. Bats are protected under Florida Law and cannot be removed, however during maternity season there are ways to conduct bat prevention. One way to prevent bats from entering your home or attic is to bat proof your roof edge. Tiny cracks or spaces in your roof shingles/tiles can be just the right size for a bat to enter and feel safe. Look to hire Friends of Bats, your Palm Beach Bat Removal Experts to help you address your bat infestation in your home.


Areas like this area are a primary entrance area for bats. See on this slide you see tile overhangs and this is a flat cement tile and you can see it’s a little hollow underneath it where it doesn’t sit on the bird stop enough. There’s just enough room where bats can squeeze right up over the top of that. There’s just enough room. That’s a primary entry point in this house. That’s exactly the type of gap they’re using. It’s just like on that outside corner.

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