About Bats

Did you know bats are illegal to exterminate in the state of Florida? Bats live in dark areas where there is access to moisture.  Building structures with overhang roofs in tropical areas are prime for bat habitation.  But bats cannot be killed from these residential or commercial properties so they must be removed safely.  But what happens if you have find a bat between April 15 and August 15? Sure you may want to call up a bat removal expert but these specialists will tell you that because of bat maternity the bats cannot be removed until August 16.  Well, what do you do until then? By contacting Friends of Bats we can instruct you on next steps to help you a bat infestation on your property.

How do you know they are bats and not birds or rodents?  Well if you smell ammonia and hear high pitch type noises, then you most likely have an infestation of bats on your property.