Bat Removal in Vero Beach Area

Bat Removal in Vero Beach Area

Did you just spot a bat in your house or your premises? The first thought to cross your mind is to search “Bat Removal Company near me”. But, calm down, we at Friends of Bats understand your concern and are here to help you with our bat removal specialists in Vero Beach zone.

Vero Beach is a city and in the seat of Indian river county in Florida. The temperature here is quite suitable for bats and it may not come as a surprise if you observe a colony of bats in and about your Vero beach home. That being said, it is of utmost importance that you get rid of bats from your house as they might serve as a severe health risk for you and your family.

Friends Of Bats know how to control bats infestation in your house. We are NOT bats exterminators, we believe in humane removal and bats exclusion from your home. Similar to rats and rodents, bats prefer to live in a secluded part of your house. Places that are dark and devoid of human intervention like attics, mansard roofs, walls, etc. Yes, it is surprising that they can get through the smallest cracks and crevices of about 1/4th inch in your home. Do not be fooled by their size, it is deceptive.

Bats usually live in colonies so call the FOB bats removal company near you before they turn from one to twenty.

Why your Local Friends Of Bats Removal Company is Best for You?

Bats removal can be a big mess as they are well-known to create a stinky site where they roost. Here are some reasons why we will be your friends in helping you get rid of bats problem in your home.

  • We have the local knowledge and we can identify the species of bats immediately. This is important to know their behaviour, hibernating patterns, and maternity seasons.
  • We inspect your house at every nook and corner to detect any hidden entry points and exits of bats. We know there can be multiple.
  • No one can beat us in ensuring that the bats don’t become a frequent visitor to your house. Bats have a usual tendency to return to locations they once lived in. We provide services for bat-proofing your house completely.
  • Bats are carriers of multiple diseases like rabies, Histoplasmosis – a breathing disorder, and other skin allergies. We carry out decontamination and sanitizing process to ensure the disease-causing germs/virus does not stay.
  • Bats guano and urine has ammonia that causes foul odour and also can result in severe structural damages. The inspection also involves highlighting such issues that might go unnoticed by someone who is not a bat removal expert.
  • Florida state law protects bats. We understand their importance in the ecosystem and refrain from using any toxic chemicals or poisoning bats for their removal.
  • We have the equipment and expertise for bats removal in residential homes as well as commercial buildings and complexes. We can not only help you in cleaning but also in restoration.


Bat Removal in Vero Beach Area

Some Bats Removal Facts you must Know

It is interesting to know that in Florida alone there are 19 species of bats out of which 10 species inhabit in homes. This brings it to light why the possibility of bats being present in your home is so high.

Not all bats carry the rabies virus. While it is true that 0.5% of bats do carry the virus, it would be an overstatement that all bats are hazardous and they do not pose an immediate threat.

Bats are peaceful mammals and would not bite immediately unless they are manhandled or in a threat-causing situation.

Common bats hideouts are:

  • Attics
  • Tile roofs
  • Mansard roofs
  • Vents
  • Cedar Shake roofs
  • Asphalt Shingle roofs
  • Metal-Tin roofs
  • Garage
  • Basements

Identify Bats in your Home:

Here are some clear signs that you are sharing your home with bats and need the help of bat removal professionals near you immediately:

  • Brown and Grey stainings at entry and exit points; usual holes in roofs, walls, etc.
  • Bad/Foul odour of ammonia due to their dropping and urine
  • Guano/pellet-shaped droppings that might even be sticking to your walls and windows
  • Scratching/Screeching noises generally of bat pups through walls and roosting sites.
  • Undoubtedly the first sign is bats flying in and out of your homes usually during sunsets.

FAQs for Bats Removal:

The two most common questions asked by house owners are how long does it take for bat removal? and how much does bats removal cost?

Well, the answer to both these questions is that it is very subjective. The time and cost depend completely on the amount of work required to be undertaken by the bats’ removal agency. The extent of damage caused by bats and the services that you choose to undertake post-inspection determines your expenses. Therefore it is very important that you hire a reliable bats removal company like Friends of Bats that is reputed and in the business for years which guarantees that your problem will be solved and you shall not be deceived.