Bat removal in Sebastian, Florida

Bat removal in Sebastian, Florida

Bats are mammals that are found in abundance in Florida. As many as 18 species of bats are found in the area and they are protected here by law.

If you have found a bat flying across rooms in your home, going in and out, or even entered your room and trapped, please do ensure that you do not touch it and isolate the room immediately. You can immediately search for a “bat removal company near me” and call for the professional bat removal process. There are many companies that work 24*7 round the clock to cater to any emergency of this kind.

One might think that sighting a bat in Sebastian in the state of Florida is common and why can’t I carry out bat removal at home by myself. Well, it’s not the most advised step to be taken, here’s why:

Can I carry out Bat Removal at Home?

There might be a lot of information online and guidelines with videos explaining how you can trap and remove a bat from your home. But, there are multiple problems associated with it why removing bat by yourself in your home in Sebastian, Fl might not be the best decision.

  • If a bat has entered your home, and you have sighted them more than once, chances are that your home perhaps has a colony of bats living inside without your knowledge. Bats never live individually. They always live in colonies.
  • Bats are a rabies vector species. This means that they are carriers of the rabies virus. Although every bat does not mean it is infected, it is best to stay away and avoid any direct contact.
  • Ideally bats do not bite. They turn aggressive only when provoked. A professional knows the best way to humanely handle the bats in your home situation. So, it should be left up to them for safe removal.
  • Bats are protected species in Florida by Federal Environmental law. You cannot carry out bats removal during their maternity season which is generally from April to August. Moreover, different species have different seasons of hibernating and maternity. Your knowledge might be limited and hence not suitable for the bats in your home.
  • The law also lays down some fundamental rules for bat removal and prevention. Under no condition are you or the bat removal experts near you allowed to use toxic chemicals or any other fumigating means that can be hazardous to the bats.
  • Bats are a potential health hazard. The bat guano and urine is very foul-smelling. It carries ammonia and its exposure can lead to several breathing difficulties.
  • Bats mostly colonize in attics, storage spaces, etc that are dark and have a less human presence. Bat removal can be complicated here like removing the mansard roof, investigating the presence of bats, etc. That’s where professional bat removal comes to your rescue.


Bat removal in Sebastian, Florida

How can I detect bats’ presence in my Sebastian, Fl home?

Contrary to the usual belief, bats are not nasty wild animals. In fact, they are important for the eco-system. They can eat up to 1000 insects in an hour and keep the mosquitoes population largely under control. This is a major reason why they are protected by law. Their population is dwindling, a reason why it is illegal to poison a bat.

However, there is absolutely no reason why you should let bats in your home roost. Here are some signs that there is the presence of bats or a bat colony in your home.

  • Bats in attics is a very common scenario. Bats have a tendency to roost in places that are quiet, dark, and peaceful. They have sharp senses that help them detect the cooler areas of the house. So, if you have an attic and there is a remotely bad smell in there, it is a red flag that there are bats in your house.
  • Bats can easily get through tiny cracks and crevices. Whether it is a wall, an unused chimney, a hole in the roof, etc. A small gap of 1/4th of an inch is enough for bats to enter. So if you observe any black spots around such holes, chances are they are stained by the greasy element on bats bodies and bats are living inside.
  • The most primary form of identifying bats’ presence is through guano droppings. They mostly accumulate beneath their roosting area. Guano is highly unsanitary and extremely hazardous. It can even damage the structure of your house over time. They are in the form of elongated pellets and you must refrain from touching it.
  • Bats are generally quiet and peace-loving but if there is a colony, you will every once in a while hear the scratching and screeching through your walls or their roosting sites. These sounds can be pretty scary for those who are unaware of bat sounds.

How to Carry Safe Bats Exclusion?

While it is forbidden to exterminate bats, it is possible for you to exclude bats from your home and surroundings with the able help of Friends Of Bats. We are experts in bat removal and have been in the business for many years now.

We have the right expertise and equipment to suffice the needs of humane bat removal from any corner of your house. All you have to do is contact us and our team will arrive in no time.

After careful inspection, we can provide you with an option for bat removal services to undertake and a rough estimate which is very affordable and not heavy on your pocket. Not only will we remove bats from your home, our services include bat-proofing your home for the future by sealing their secret entry and exit points, sanitizing the home, cleaning out guano, and other bats droppings making it healthier and restored for living. We can also help with detecting and fixing other damage caused by the bats.

We are not ordinary pest control service providers. We specialize in bat removal and prevention. So, the next time you think about bat removal, feel free to call Friends Of Bats in Sebastian, Florida. We provide services across the USA at multiple locations.