Bat Removal in Port St. Lucie


Getting rid of bats in your home in Port st. Lucie, Florida can be a fairly difficult task and it is certainly not a task that can be handled by amateurs. You need the help of a professional bat removal company that knows a thing or two about bat removal way better than pest exterminators or other animal control services.

The State of Florida and Federal Environmental law protects bats and takes strict actions against violators who carry out poisoning or fumigating bats for bats extermination. It is observed that many pest control in Port St. Lucie that carry out animal removal services claim to be removing bats from the attic. But, they end up in animal trapping which is a worst-case scenario in the case of bats.

The Best Bat Removal Company Near Me

Friends Of Bats are experts in bat removal services and we often come across people who have no idea that an entire colony of bats living in their homes and attics. We have the people with the right skills and the right equipment to carry out Bat removal in Florida homes.

We are the locals and exactly know how to deal with the bats problem in your home. Moreover, we know the laws of the state and follow them strictly keeping in mind the bats’ maternity season. On our first visit, we will examine your house for the damage caused by bats and offer the best solution for not only bats removal but also permanently moving the bats’ roosting site. It is the tendency of bats to keep coming back to the site which can be avoided by proper measures. We are absolutely against bats extermination.

Problems with Bats in your home

Bats are friendly animals. Even though their appearance might be scary they are very important to the ecosystem and keep the mosquitos at bay by eating them. But, this does not mean that you should let bats make your attics and homes their roosting spots.

Here are some pointers that make having bats in the attic and your home a big No!

  • Bats can structurally damage your roofs and walls as their urine contains ammonia.
  • Their guano and urine can make your entire house stink.
  • Bats are carriers of diseases like rabies and Histoplasmosis which is a disease that badly affects the respiratory system in humans.
  • They can be living in your walls and the regular sound of scratching in your walls and screeching can be heard.
  • Bats have entry points and exit points in your house which can be very small crevices about 1/4th inch and you can only know them due to the greasy black marks formed due to bats deposits.
  • The damage can be very severe and if one does not carry out bat removal service in time, you might have to lose your home as it can be a cause of health concern for you and your family.
bats in the attic

Friends Of Bats for Bats Removal in Florida

Bats are a common sight if you are living in Port St. Lucie, Florida. But if you observe them regularly leaving and entering your house, then you might be in a problem. Here is how we at Friends Of Bats will rid you of all your woes related to bats.

  • First of all, we carry out humane bats removal methods. as we say, they are our friends and we do not wish to harm them.
  • Different bats species have different birthing and hibernating seasons. We can identify the ones dwelling in your home and remove them.
  • We are focussed on complete bats exclusion. There has never been a case of bats trapping or bats extermination.
  • We help you clean up the bats’ guano, odor control, and carry out attic restoration, insulation, and sanitizing after the bats have messed it up.
  • Our way of working is transparent. We give you the best options and help you make the right choices at the most affordable rates.

Want to get rid of bats in Port St. Lucie?

You must be spending a lot of time searching “bat removal company near me” all over the web since you spotted the bats in your home. But, your search is now over. Friends of Bats experts are now available. Whether it is simple bats exclusion, removing bats from a mansard roof, permanent bats insulation or moving an entire colony of bats, or a complex case of bats infestation, our bat removal experts are only a call away.