Bat Removal in Fort Myers


Fort Myers, Florida has been home to several species of bats. The native residents here are quite aware of the situation and also take the necessary precautions for bat removal. Most people know that bats in attic removal costs are huge if they are ignorant about it and seek help by searching for a “professional bat removal company near me”.

We carry out bats removal in a safe and sanitary manner. Here’s how we can help you:

Friends Of Bats Bat removal in Fort Myers

We know everything about bats. Right from their maternity season, to preferred roosting areas, their natural habitat, the different species, everything. Hence, we call ourselves bat removal specialists. We abide by the Florida State laws and will give you the best possible solution for the bat problem.

We have tackled bat problems in homes i.e. residential area and commercial complexes as well. Here’s how we do it:

  • We carry out live exclusion. We audit the site where bats are present properly and also look out for other possible places where bats might be living without the owner’s knowledge. Bats can enter through very tiny cracks and crevices of about 1/4th inch. So, it might not be a surprise that there are bats where you might be least aware of, eg. walls.
  • We never poison/ fumigate/drug bats for removal. We call them our friends for a reason and believe in coexistence. We understand that bats are fuzzy and beautiful creatures that should not be killed for entering our homes.
  • We use proper techniques and tools and have skills to install nets that allow only bat exits before proper removal.
  • Our work is strictly within the laws. We do not carry out bat exclusion or bat removal in their maternity season (April 16 to August 14).
  • Once the FOB bat removal company completes its job, we can guarantee that all the existing entry and exit points are bat-proofed and there would not be any further problem at the site.
  • Friends of Bats with years of experience as a bat removal company know that it is next to impossible to clean all the guano and urine deposits with the foul-smelling ammonia. We help you clean, decontaminate the whole area, and restore it in the best way.
  • We are licensed for the job and have a team that is equipped to deal with the worst of the bats’ situations. Moreover, we are just a call away in Fort Myers, Florida.

We get a number of phone calls where people are hysterically scared and afraid at the sight of a bat in their house. The bats don’t instantly attack you or stick to your hair. It is wise that you immediately call the bats removal company and stay away from the place. But, a number of myths are surrounding these innocent animals, and it’s time for us to debunk them.


Common Myths About Bats:

  • Bats are associated with zombies and a common fear that they are blood-sucking creatures. This is absolutely false as only 3 out of 1300 species lap blood (not suck) which are not present in Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Bats are flying rodents. This statement has no weightage. Bats are actually mammals that are peace-loving and live in colonies. They are actually helpful to the environment as they eat insects and mosquitoes equivalent to their own weight in a day.
  • All bats cause Rabies. Not all bats are infected with rabies. It cannot be denied that nothing should be left to chance, but a professional bat removal company should be called so that there is no situation that anyone in your household is bitten by a bat and carry out safe removal.
  • Bats=Problems. The problem with bat removal is that most facts are unknown to the common public. This leads to house owners fumigating or harming them which is actually illegal by the Florida wildlife laws. Bats in itself is not a problem. Having them roosting in your home is one. And, bat removal specialists can lawfully help you get out of the situation by expert bat removal techniques.

In the end, it is necessary to understand that Bats are not Pets. But, they are vital to our ecosystem in their own unique way and deserve to be given their space. You should take all the precautions that do not invite bats into your home or attic through all the cracks and crevices and in case you face such a situation, immediately call Friends of Bats. We are the experts and have been serving in Fort Myers, Florida for a long time.

Always remember that a DIY for bat removal is definitely a bad idea. You might end up with a dead bat in your house or worse a colony of bats that is trapped. Leave the task to the experts and live in peace.

We understand bats like no one else. We are their friends and promise you the most humane bat removal from your home, attic, or any other place where the bats have made their roosting ground.